Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The U.S.A. -- R.I.P

Do you now doubt the liberal agenda? Here's what they are in the process of doing, under the label of "progressives". But it's hardly progressive.

1. Taxes. One way or another, you'll start paying more taxes soon, either directly to the government, or indirectly through higher prices. Either way, you're paying them. All kinds of little things add up. Cap and trade will raise utility and gas prices. And some tax laws will be re-written so that some previous deductions will no longer be allowed. This is what liberals call tax loopholes, but this is the misuse of terminology again. How about the mortgage deduction? Is that a loophole? Obama will come after it soon. His stated goal is to revoke all of the Reagan tax cuts, which did so much for economic growth over the last 25 years. It's his distribution of income scheme...spreading the wealth. Spreading it so thin, the middle class will be destroyed.

2. First admendment. Not only are they instituting policy councils, but a diversity conference over at the FCC. Ever heard of the Fairness Doctrine? The federal government will start to dictate what is on the air -- politically -- very soon. They will silence any opposition to their cause. Without political free speech, democracy is dead.

3. Gun laws. There is already a bill that greatly strengthens gun laws. A lot. Putting the government in full control over who can own a gun. Very dangerous.

4. Medical care. The liberal mantra is to lower health care costs while making it guaranteed to everyone. Nationalized healthcare does not work as well as what we have. It become less and less available. Consider Great Britain, Canada, and others with this type of plan. It doesn't work. Why will it here? Actually, I don't think the liberal elite really care. It just sounds like a good plan. Makes you feel good all over, a tingly feeling running down your leg.

5. Education. Yes, we'll spend more for education, but with greater government controls in place as well. This will continue the onslaught to a good education. They want you to learn only what they want you to know.

6. Foreign Policy. It won't be long, I predict. Obama will have some despot walk all over him.

There is much more going on. Hope you pay attention. Remember the liberals who screamed (and many still do) about how our liberties were being taken away by the Bush administration.

Bush is a light-weight, when it comes to Obama.

The United States of America. Born July 2, 1776. Died Nov. 4, 2008 (Suicide)