Friday, June 24, 2011

The price of food and the Missouri River flood

Corn and more corn
Have you noticed the ridiculously high prices at the grocery store lately? Blame it on the Corn Bubble. Reuters reports that earlier this month, "the World Bank and other international organizations called on governments to stop their ethanol subsidies because of concerns they were driving up food prices" – and pushing millions of people worldwide into poverty. Read more...

The environmentalists and the Missoroui River flood
There are many well-publicized examples of absurd obeisance to the demands of radical environmentalists resulting in great economic harm. The Great Missouri River Flood of 2011 is shaping up to be another -- only this time, the price will likely be paid in lives lost as well as treasure. Ayn Rand said, "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Read more...

Both of these examples highlight the law of unintended consequences.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OMG! Glad I don't live in Chicago

This is the epitome of narcissism. My sympathies to the Chicago taxpayer who had to watch their taxes go to pay for their new mayor's ego. Each new sign reportedly costs $15,000 to put up, costing the taxpayer nearly $500,000.

The practice wasn't started by Rahm, and he promised to put an end to vanity signs, so why is this one going up?

Don't need no government, man

What's wrong with this statement?
In California, parents want a new law that 'would allow parents ultimate control over their kids' Facebook pages, including the right to demand the company erase certain content or even delete the whole page within 48 hours of the request.'
If you said nothing, you really need to examine your beliefs. Why do we (or Californians) need a law to do what is actually a parental right? We don't need government to raise our children.

No wonder California is in such trouble.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reaction to Rep. Weiner's lewdness and lies

In response to a defense of Rep. Anonthy Weiner (it's not so bad; look at all the other, but worse, scandals) in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled "Weiner will rise again," one poster said it all.
Well of course he should not resign. If his district is full of liberals they will most likely support him. Forgive me if I am inaccurate, but my understanding of the liberal political philosophy is that it is ok for voters to band together to pass laws which enable the government to take money from the people who earned it and give it to them (the liberals). I would view that as stealing and if you are ok with that, what's a little lying.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

But to the author of the above article in defense of Weiner, it is NOT OK to send sexual comments and photos to nonconsenting women and then lie about it in front of the American people. Should we not hold our elected officials to high moral and ethical standards?

The thinking of the author of the SFChron oped, a self-proclaimed liberal, is the problem with this country, and will be its moral decay and eventual downfall. If you don't believe me, study Greece and Rome.

One-third of companies to ditch health care

The Health Care Affordability Act, or ObamaCare, just got some not-so-good news. According to a management consulting firm, which surveyed 1,300 companies, about one-third of them will most likely quit offering health care benefits when the law fully kicks in (which is conveniently after the 2012 elections).

For those companies that fully understand the law, the number becomes 50 percent.

Of course, those in Congress -- who aren't affected by the law-- or those who work for the Federal government -- who also aren't affected -- or those thousands of companies (cronies of the Democrats) who got waivers, don't care.

Again, the hard-working American taxpayer is screwed.