Friday, June 26, 2009

Debunking the usual liberal myths

Joe Conasan tells us in a recent editorial: "Nearly every poll now shows the American people demanding change in the health care system, with majorities favoring universal coverage and, in many surveys, a government plan that competes with private insurance."

What polls is he reading? The first one I found on a google search had different conclusions, though if I'd spent more time, I may have found one that agreed with him. I probably should do that, in order not to be accused of picking my data, but the point is the Joe really doesn't understand middle Americans.

The majority do not want government-mandated health care. What they (we) want is a more fair playing field. Things like better tax deductions for the cost of insurance, making the insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions, cost of medications that actually work -- simple things like that.

And what's up with always having to go to one doctor to get a referral to another? That's insane. A year ago I knew I needed a surgeon for a hernia repair, and my primary care provider agreed. The whole process wasted his time, my time and took too weeks longer. (Though a third of the time it would have taken in Canada). It's an idiot policy. These are the kind of changes we want. Not a health dictator in Washington D.C.

The majority are afraid that if the government gets involved, quality will go down and costs will go up.

It's only the far-left that wants the government to take over health care (and everything else). To highlight this mentality, remember Obama's recent statement that he would allow us to keep our doctors under his plan.

Who gave him the right to choose my doctor? Or tell me whether I can keep the one I have?

Yes, we need some reform here. But not what these idiots are planning.

Next case, Susan Estrich, another liberal from the left-coast, declares: Will allowing the Bush tax cuts on the richest Americans to expire and increasing the taxes both on wealthy Americans and some small businesses raise revenue or depress the economy?

Susan, if those tax cuts expire, taxes will go up for all taxpayers. So quit with the liberal talking points, and re-framing the issue. I know what you're doing, so it's no secret that you and your liberal buddies are re-writing history. Obama has the lead, as mentioned here by an actual historian.

Shall I continue on with Cap and Trade and how it will solve so-called global warming? Why bother.

When will the madness stop?