Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sen. Harry "The War is Lost" Reid

While I don't usually vote for Democrats, and while I think the Democrat-controlled Congress has been an absolute failure (I'm not alone: 12 percent approval rating), I do try to keep up with what the Democrat leaders say they stand for. So I browsed over to Senator Reid's web site the other day.

In case you've had your head in the sand, Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader. Remember, he's the guy who said, back in October, that the "War is lost," and then more recently, "We can't drill our way out of this," referring to high energy prices (along with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi).

So, if you really want to know how Senator Harry Reid plans to help America, just go over to his web site and click on the Issues tab at the top of the page.

Because energy policy is on every one's mind these days, I'll quote his position on energy:

"Energy independence is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. An average family of four will spend over three thousand dollars more on gasoline this year. Heating bills are expected to rise about four-hundred dollars for homes that rely on natural gas or heating oil. America can do better."

So, Harry, what's your plan? America can do better? Is that the only thing you can come up with?

He states that the average family of four will spend more than $3,000 more on gasoline this year (let's assume he's comparing that with 2007). Is this correct? No. Not at the current national average of $4.07, which is an in increase of about $1.09 over a year ago. According to StateMaster, the average consumption per capita in the U.S. last year was 420 gallons, which translates into 1,660 gallons for a family of four. This is an increase of $1,809 -- not a small sum -- but much smaller than what Harry cites. So again, he propogates disinformation.

When he says that energy independence is one of the greatest challenges of our generation, not only is he stating the obvious, but he forgets that it has been his party that has blocked drilling and exploration, building refineries, or building nuclear power plants FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS. (BTW, Sweden gets 90 percent of its electricity from nuclear power).

So again, the democrats really don't have a plan. They may say they have one, but they really don't. The only thing they know how to do is point the finger, lay some blame, have a hearing, tax somebody.

Maybe it's better that he stays vague on his position, because I don't believe things he says. One recent example from a press release June 25:

"Nevadans will face a clear choice in November: Barack Obama, who believes in Nevada's ability to lead the nation in a clean energy revolution that will create thousands of jobs here; or John McCain, who believes the way to solve our energy crisis is to increase Big Oil's profits."

A clean energy revolution will create thousands of jobs in Nevada? Well, maybe, if they build enough wind towers or solar farms. And John McCain wants to increase Big Oil's profits? I guess you haven't paid attention to anything McCain has said. These are liberal, type, talking points. Not an original thought to be found anywhere.

I hope the good people of Nevada wise up and vote this guy out of office, like the folks in South Dakota did when the gave the boot to Tom Daschle.

Otherwise, we're in worse trouble than we're in now.


Anonymous said...

Ha! We've reached yet another election year, and the Democrats and still the party of "No!". Whatever plan anyone else comes up with (as you pointed out, the Democrats arent coming up with any), the Democrats simply say "NO!", and then continue moaning and blaming everyone but themselves. Absurd.

Mike's America said...

I'd like to know when the "news" media will hold Harry Reid and the other defeatist Dems accountable for being so very, VERY wrong on the most important issues of our time?

I would have thought that after opposing President Reagan every step of the way as he set about winning the Cold War there would be some additional scrutiny of Democrats overblown rhetoric on everything from Global Warming to Iraq but it appears they get a pass every time.