Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liberal Hypocricy Once Again

While our sympathies go out to the Kennedy family over Sen. Ted Kennedy's death last night, the whole affair again points to liberal hypocrisy.

Back in March, Rush Limbaugh made the comment that the national heath care bill would eventually be named for Ted Kennedy. He caught all kinds of flack -- from Democrats and liberals -- for his comment.

For example, the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called Limbaugh's comments about Sen. Kennedy "truly outrageous." "“Leader Limbaugh crossed the line. National Republicans must stand up to their leader, Rush Limbaugh, and tell him that enough is enough.”

Yet now, after the Senator's death, Democrats are tripping all over themselves to name the bill in honor of Kennedy.

If a conservative suggests something, it's a horrendous deed; if a liberal suggests the same thing, it's just great.

If you don't see the hypocrisy, you're not living on the same planet. It is one of the reasons debating a liberal is just about impossible.

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