Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DHS, Texas and James Patterson

A few thoughts for today:

1. There has been a lot of criticism over the DHS handling of the security for flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. This is the same government many want to run our health care. This makes no sense.

2. Unemployment in Texas is down, and has always been below the national average, about 2 percentage points (8 vs 10). As a conservative state with a balanced budget, compared to states like New York and California, which is better? Conservative policies, or liberal policies? You pick...but many are leaving New York and CA to come to Texas.

3. The arrogance of the entertainment industry never ceases to amaze me. James Patterson: "Buy my book or I'll kill off Alex Cross" (main character of a series of popular novels he wrote). We'll, Mr. Patterson, I won't be blackmailed, so I'll pass on your book, though I already have read several. There are many other authors who don't have to stoop to such marketing, and my time is limited. See his video (until he takes it down.)

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