Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown wins in Mass; Dems to move full speed ahead anyway

Because there wasn't any polling surveys, there is no data on why people voted the way the did, but it's quite easy to postulate that they do not like the way things are going in Washington.

Here's Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's reaction, as quoted in USA Today:

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said only "the political math" has changed. "We remain committed to strengthening our economy, creating good paying jobs and ensuring all Americans can access affordable health care ... There is much work to do to address the problems Democrats inherited last year, and we plan to move full speed ahead."
Here we go again. Blaming all our problems on Bush. But the fact is, that in 2006 and 2008, voters gave the Democrats control of the Congress and the White House. During the last four years, they've had plenty of opportunity to create jobs, strengthen the economy and "reform" health care.

We gave liberals a chance. We've seen their agenda. We've rejected that agenda. Rather than providing what the majority of Americans want, they have tried to ram liberal, socialist policies down our throats.

That ain't gonna happen. But the question is, how is that not going to happen, when 20 percent of the country is mandating their liberalism to the other 80 percent?

Steve McCann, in American Thinker, has an excellent essay on just this question. One excerpt:
Conservatives must discipline themselves to stop being so thin-skinned about what the media, bloggers, and pundits on the Left say about them. These immature and self-righteous blowhards must be ignored and allowed to talk among themselves without any response from anyone on the right. The only response necessary is to correct or rebut immediately and firmly the mistakes and misrepresentations of the once-mainstream media.
To view an example of what these "blowhards" are now saying, check out Cassy Fiano's blog post, The liberal reaction to Scott Brown's victory.

I expect the next 10 months will be interesting, indeed.


mkfreeberg said...

I expect the next 10 months will be interesting, indeed.

mkfreeberg said...

Yes, absolutely. Agree. That's what I meant to say.

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