Friday, May 7, 2010

Thoughts for Friday

Are you feeling safer?

How many of you think the federal government's current anti-terrorism programs have improved lately? Show of hands.

After the Christmas bomber, in which a passenger foiled his plans and the
"alleged" bomber was quickly Mirandized, Janet our Homeland protector says: "The system worked." My ass. You got lucky.

Then Miss Janet tells a senator that our borders are as secure as they have ever been. Next there's a shootout between drug smugglers and a border patrol agent (or sheriff's deputy?) at the border. The agent is injured. Yea. Real secure.

Then some idiot Islamic Terrorist tries to blow up Times Square, but he obviously didn't stay awake in class and the bomb doesn't go off. The investigation is so leaky that he gets wind of it and attempts to escape: makes a one-way reservation a few hours before the flight, pays cash, is put on the no-fly list, but gets on the airplane anyway. Someone was paying attention, however, and the feds nabbed the dirtbag after he had already boarded. His buddies are probably already back in Pakistan or some other shit hole.

Obama's policies working? There is not one damn thing Obama has done that has worked. This was plain old-fashioned luck.

News Flash: Unemployment up to 9.9 percent. That stimulus is really working. But this is a nominal unemployment rate for a welfare-state, so don't worry too much.
And you don't think we've become a welfare-state already? Nearly 40 million on food stamps. Liberals are proud of that number. Why? Because the more people on the government nipple, the more votes for Democrats. Those evil and mean Republicans wouldn't want you to have a life of luxury. No, they'll make you go to work.

What you say? No jobs. We'll, if the feds did their job, we wouldn't have 12-15 million illegals working here...and that's about the number of unemployed Americans, isn't it?

And one last thing: How about a government-supported program to provide free cell phones and low-cost airtime for "income-eligible" people (they mean poor people).

I want to be poor in this country. Free housing, free medical, free education, food stamps, a car, a phone. Why in the fuck should I work for a living? That way, I don't have to pay for shit. Let the other guy (which is me right now) pay for it.

I think I'll go join the Tea Party. The country is losing its mind, like Greece has already. After Europe falls, we're next.

Have a great weekend.


Fam Guy said...

Interesting mix of facts, BS and vitriole here. 'Not ONE thing Obama has done has worked'? Hmmm. Yes, we have obviously been lucky, but we have also foiled lots of plots. A border guard gets shot, and that makes us unsecure? Unemployment at 10%, actually a lot higher, is cuz Bush wrecked our economy, and NO ONE is gonna be able to do a quick fix on it. As far as the gov't giveaways, I'll give you that one. As far as illegals, that's nothing new. MOST of them, by far, came during the Bush years. Tough problem to tackle, BUT, should start with secure borders. Hadn't heard about the cell phone deal, but sounds pretty wrong.

Fam Guy said...

From your own link, about the cell phones.
There is no "Obama phone" or other newly created federal program to provide free cell phones. As you may know, this is a myth that is now circulating on the Web via email and blog sites. It has been thoroughly debunked by independent groups. (See for example: at, which notes:
"Low-income households have been eligible for discounted telephone service for more than a decade. But the program is funded by telecom companies, not by taxes, and the president has nothing to do with it."
The federal "Lifeline" program was created during the Reagan Administration.

Steve, you gotta check your 'facts' a little better...

Steve said...

My first draft said free on the cell-phones, then I changed it to govt-supported. Cell phones are still free, if not directly provided by the govt. My whole point is we are becoming a welfare state, like Europe (Greece?)

BS and vitriole here? Look, I've read your blog, and it's filled with as much BS, anger and hate as you'll find anywhere. If you want something kinder, go read MSNBC or FOX (ha ha) :)~

And yes, Obama is a failure as a President. Bush may have had some bad policies, but Obama is just piling on worse. You can blame Bush as long as you want, but it won't work forever.

Fam Guy said...

Bush "may' have had 'some' bad policies, but Obama is a failure? Unbelievable.
Can you read your own link? The program is funded by telecom co's, NOT by taxes. AND, I'll blame Bush until you right wingnuts admit HE is the one that wrecked our economy, and the current administration is just trying to fix it. Pretty obvious to anyone that actually thinks.