Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

There's a lot of talk about Sara Palin running for President. I don't think I've paid much attention to her, especially in this blog. But she would not be my choice. Enuf said on that I think. Don't really know why some hate her so much, but I've come to accept that hate toward conservatives -- especially conservative women -- by the left.

This TSA search thing has gone too far. Can you image the reaction if Bush was still in the White House. I won't be flying anytime soon, not necessarily because of the new search program (went through that when I was stationed in Italy in the 1980s and traveled several times to Turkey.) My biggest complaint is against the airlines. At 6-feet, I can't really fit into economy class seats anymore, and if I have to pay business class, I'd rather just drive. Then I don't have to pay ridiculous car rental fees.

And answer this one: How many terrorists has the TSA apprehended?

This whole thing about Obama's trip overseas costing $200 million a day, along with 34 Navy ships deployed, shows how real journalism has ended up in the basement. When I worked as a reporter for the European Stars and Stripes, if you didn't have two credible sources for your story, no matter how juicy it might be, it didn't make it in print. And I did some juicy stories, some which made the military look bad, and some that made them look good. And I had some stories that never made it to print, because I couldn't find that credible second source. Doesn't anyone think critically these days? It used to be that reporters were trained to be skeptical of every "fact" that came across their desk. Guess that ain't so anymore. Too bad.

The term "progressive" used by many on the left is really a misnomer, if you understand anything about the historical roots of classical liberalism. Because the left has taken over the Democratic party, it is no longer "progressive." Their big-government plans take us back before the founding of this country, when an armed revolt was needed to through off the weight of big government. (Note: I'm not advocating armed revolt today.)

For those of you who criticize Fox News, but defend Maddow, Olbermann, and Matthews, et al, are just as hypocritical as those who think Fox is the only source of valid "news." These days, it's pretty damn hard to get the straight news from any network or publication. But at least people like Hannity admit their slant is hard conservative. Maddow thinks she's a news anchor, and Olbermann -- well, I don't know what this angry man is really all about. But when MSNBC tries to claim neutrality, Fox blows them out of the water for at least being less hypocritical. Bottom line: It's ok to have a liberal-slanted show, but at least admit it.


Fam Guy said...

Can't speak for the left, cuz I'm not really a part of it, as I'm mostly just anti-right, but I don't hate Palin. Kinda admire her for working the system for big bucks, but what I do 'dislike' is the thought that she is presidential material. Ridiculous. TSA, definitely out of control. Someone's making a killing on all the $ pumped into the system, at our expense, in time and money. Would like to 'follow the money'. Totally agree w/ the lack of journalistic integrity when so many (mostly right wing) news outlets picked up the $200 million/day story and ran with it, no matter how untrue. Can't really comment on progressive, but it's just a huge, overlapping label put a group by another group. Such overreaching labels are usually worthless from all aspects. As for myself, I have (rightly) criticized FOXNews for their obvious slant, but have NEVER defended the MSNBC crowd, cuz their news is just as slanted. I do like to look at both of them, occcasionally, and compare the spin they put events, as part of my overall search for the truth in news reporting. FOX blows them out of the water for being less hypocritical? You gotta be kidding....

Steve said...

I guess we could debate who is more hypocritical, since it's just a matter of degree...

Speaking of FoxNews. One night I was surfing the channels and came across an interview that Greta Van Susteren was conducting. Forget who the interviewee was, but I think he was a Republican congressman or business guy, but she was not letting this guy off the hook. I thought it was going to be a puff piece like so many other interviews that others do, but I was pretty impressed with her interviewing skills. She may be the only nonpartison commentator at Fox.