Monday, December 13, 2010

Taking a break for the holiday...

One thing before I go: Congress Weiner (as in post below) made a good point on one of the new shows I happened to catch while surfing. The Democrafts, right now, control both houses and the white house, so why can't they get what they want? Should be they have the votes, but I guess not.

My suggestion: Make the cutoff for the new tax stuff at $200,000 for individual, $400,000 for married filing jointly and split the difference on the tax rate. Make it 37 percent. Do away with the payroll tax cut, except for those earning under $50,000.

Or something like that. Just get it done.

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Jim said...

I think no more income tax. get rid of the IRS there by decreasing the size of Govn't and the cost of Govn't. Just have a National sales tax.
If the powers that be insist on a income tax make it 5% for those making below 100,000, 10% for those making below 500,000 and 15% for those making more than 5000,000. No loopholes, no tax shelters, no deductions...just a one page 1040 form. 10% death tax.

Govn't budgets accordingly.