Monday, March 28, 2011

Pelosi stays true to form

From The Messenger, Fort Dodge, IA. I happen to agree with their conclusion and I'll add my 2 cents. Pelosi has to be plain nuts (as in crazy).
Nancy Pelosi, now minority leader in the House of Representatives, has launched a new tirade against Republicans who now control the chamber. It involves compostable eating utensils.

When Pelosi and her fellow Democrats were in control of the House, they established a so-called "green" requirement that only cups, knives, forks and spoons that could be composted were permitted in the three main House cafeterias. Once it became apparent the utensils were so flimsy they sometimes melted in hot soup and could not penetrate some foods, lawmakers of both parties complained.

Then it was revealed the program was costing a whopping $475,000 a year, plus expenses for hauling away and processing the compostables.

Once Republicans took over control of the House, the new leadership quickly decreed sturdier foam cups and plastic utensils would be used. That will save a substantial amount of taxpayers' money.

Pelosi's spokesman accused the Republican leadership of embarking on "policies that take us backwards."

Actually, no. We suspect little good - if any - was done for the environment by the Pelosi program. New GOP initiatives such as reusable dinnerware are likely to be "greener" than the Pelosi edict.

We had thought Americans might be spared examples of Pelosi's ultra-partisanship when she left the speaker's post. Apparently we were wrong.
Why can't these folks use regular silverware and glasses like the rest of us? I could buy enough silverware for 535 people for about $1,300 (check Walmart's prices on cheap silverware, which actually work) and buy enough drinking glasses so each person could have 2 glasses at a time for a little more than a grand (again, Walmart). And it would be all reusable.

No wonder we're in trouble.

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