Tuesday, August 5, 2008

USA Today Gets It, But Then Blows It

USA Today, in an editorial, proved that it understood the strategy of energy, as well of the tactics. But then, by allowing a counter-point article that used false information in the lead, hurt the paper's credibility.

While USA Today accuses the Republicans of overselling the drill-now policy, which may have some merit, the goal is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil supplies. And they came out against Obama's tax policies.

What USA Today thinks, and I agree, is that we need a comprehensive energy policy: drill more oil and gas, more nuclear energy, clean coal, wind and solar, better conservation. It will take all.

Then Carl Pope, the Director of the Sierra Club, states in his opposing view: "But the big oil companies and their friends in Congress continue to offer just one answer to our energy problems — more oil drilling." This is the second sentence and is blantantly untrue. The Republicans are trying to put forth an comprehensive plan, called the American Energy Plan, but Pelosi is blocking this because it also includes provisions for drilling.

I feel I have to point out this when I see anyone using false information to further their points.

And that's what Carl Pope and his comrades are doing.

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