Friday, August 15, 2008

What's Next?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this country, pretty much now taken over by the liberals, is in sad shape, and getting worse. Obama keeps talking change, but the change he wants is not what we need. Because the libs have taken over our school system, no one is learning how to survive in this world...unless it's at the teat of big government.

It's no longer ask what you can do for your country. Now everyone asks what their country can do for us. But, because no on can think clearly anymore, they don't realize that we are the government, at least those of us who work hard to get ahead.

Here's some events that should make you puke:

Dallas Educrats Promote Slacking Off
The idiocracy has taken another small step toward its goal of reducing Americans to ignorant, useless, government-dependent farm animals that can be raised for votes the way chickens are raised for eggs:

Dallas public school students who flunk tests, blow off homework and miss assignment deadlines can make up the work without penalty, under new rules that have angered many teachers.

Home Depot, Others Required To Make Day Laborer Shelters
Big-box, home-improvement stores in Los Angeles will have to set aside space for day laborers under an ordinance passed by the City Council on Wednesday.

When the ordinance takes effect -- the mayor has to sign it, and most city laws take effect 30 days afterward -- it will apply to stores such as The Home Depot that have 100,000 square feet or more, or any structure where 250,000 square feet or more of warehouse floor area is added.

The shelters must be easily accessible and include drinking water, bathrooms, tables, seating and trashcans. The stores may be required to work with Los Angeles police in developing a security plan, according to the unanimous vote by the 15-member lawmaking body.

People who live near Home Depot stores have complained of day laborers drinking beer, urinating in yards or other unseemly behavior.

The Netroots: America And Georgia To Blame For Russia's War Of Aggression
Liberals, being liberals, make certain assumptions when it comes to foreign affairs. Among them are,

#1) Whatever happens in the world, if it's bad, must somehow be the fault of the Bush Administration and/or America.

#2) Any country that is allied with America, by virtue of being allied with America, must be in the wrong if it gets into a conflict with a nation that is not allied with America.

That brings us to Russia's war of aggression on'll be amazed at the comments John Hawkins at Right Wing News has found. Read the whole story here.

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