Monday, March 9, 2009

The Continuing Kiss-Up to Illegal Aliens

Note: In case you can't read, let me repeat: ILLEGAL Aliens. OK? I don't want to debate the status of those here in this country legally, OK? So if you think everyone in the world should be here, go somewhere else with your stupid ideas.

Nancy Pelosi was in San Francisco over the weekend to help protest the deportation of illegal aliens, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined hundreds of families Saturday evening at a church in San Francisco's Mission District demanding an end to the immigration raids and deportations that separate parents from children across the United States.

But it gets better, and I'm not sure whether it's Pelosi or Kelly Zito, the author of the article:

Pelosi, who has said securing U.S. borders is a top priority, used the forum to call for a comprehensive immigration program that recognizes the broad contributions immigrants have made to the fabric of the country.

Of course immigrants have made great contributions. But remember, ICE doesn't deport legal immigrants, you twit. Then, of course, we find out how terrible it all is, from Illinios Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat (naturally), who is leading the five-week pro-illegal tour:

"No city in American (sic) has been spared the devastating effects of our broken system," said Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat who is leading the five-week tour. "We cannot wait any longer for fair and just immigration reform."

Nope. No city in America has been spared from an increase in crime, gangs, tremendous increase in the expense of providing services, and everything else that comes from having just anyone come across our borders.

Zito goes on (she really doesn't need Pelosi's help here):

Organizers of Saturday evening's event said raids and family separations -- often parents are taken away from their U.S.-born children -- run counter to a country where early Irish, Italian, Asian and African American families founded some of the country's most important institutions. In addition, they say, such measures have devastating impacts on the young children who are left behind, or
forced to move with their parents.

Ivan Torres, a 9-year-old boy from San Jose, said he lives in fear that his father, who earns a living cleaning offices, will be taken away: "If (my father) is deported, who will pay the bills? Who will take care of me and my two sisters? We need to keep families together."

But those Irish, Italian, Asian and African-American immigrants were legal, and what about British, Scottish, Germans, etc. And instead of deporting just parents, we should deport the children as well, if the Constitution allowed it. What a friggin' mess our government and its leaders have created by not enforcing the same laws they passed.

But what is most interesting are the comments from readers. I expected the usual liberal crap about how we mistreat illegals, but I guess the winds are changing, because of the 56 comments, not one was in favor of granting illegals any kind of benefit, let alone amnesty.

I guess there is hope for us after all. As soon as we get rid of Pelosi and Reid, and all the other bleeding-heart liberals who are ruining this country.

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