Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Senate Favors Illegals Over Veterans

I still don't have the down-and-dirty on this, but I received an e-mail today which encouraged me to sign a petition directed at the U.S Senate.

Seems the Senate wanted to cut Social Security benefits for disabled veterans, while allowing illegal aliens access to our social security system. I guess they changed their minds on our veterans, but it still remains to be seen how our new Democrat government will treat both veterans and illegals, and I am -- as a veteran -- very concerned.

Democrats seem to pander to groups who will vote for them. It's obvious in this context who could win here.

I spent more than 21 years in the military, and my annual pension of about $25,000 is just fine, but I am also expecting to collect from my Social Security when I'm eligible. I paid into the system while in the military and I'm still paying into the system in my civilian employment. But I'm worried that our government will try to save money by offsetting my social security because of my pension.

I've written my Senator (John Cornyn, R-TX) on this, but I already now as a Republican he is on my side. The others in Congress? I'm not so sure.

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