Monday, July 13, 2009

The re-making of America

Have you been paying attention to what the Democrats are now doing? Why have they been cramming new legislation through the system so fast that no one precisely knows what is being enacted into law?

First, the left-wing of the Democrat party is fully in charge. They now -- especially with the recession -- have the opportunity to covert the United States to a socialist model. But they know they must do it quickly before the majority of Americans realize what they are doing. Once the public does wake up, the chances are great the Democrats will lose power. And the Dems know it. But if they can get enough people dependent upon the teat of government handouts, watch out...

What exactly does the left-wing so highly desire, besides power? Victor Davis Hanson puts it better than I can come up with on a coffee break:

Soon we will all end up after each April 15 making about the same, driving the same sort of cars and using the same sort of mass transit, living in about the same sorts of houses, and having about the same sorts of “‘they’ will take care of it for me” philosophies — all overseen by brilliant, but highly ranked and exempt Platonic Guardians who suffer on our behalf as they jet and limo at breakneck speed ensuring our welfare.

If this is the kind of European-type socialism that you want, then you'll be happy. I'll bet the majority of Americans do not.

Besides, the economic model will create a endless recession. Instead of just a few of us being poor, all of us will be poor.

Hanson comes to the same conclusion I have:

This recovery cannot work, other than a brief spurt that results from trillions in printed money, because we are rewarding unproductive areas of the economy (federal money for more wind farms, federal hurdles for pumping more known natural gas or nuclear power construction; more of the community-organizing model, less of the productive small business model) and punishing the engines of the economy.

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