Friday, September 11, 2009

Democrats step over the line again

Enough is enough. Congressional Democrats now want to discipline Rep. Wilson if he doesn't grovel in front of them, even though he has apoligized to just about everyone for his remarks (all two words of it) during Obama's address to Congress the other night.

While the Democrats can boo and hiss at George Bush during his State of the Union Address in 2005 with no consequences, let one Republican step out of line and the hammer is dropped without mercy.

I had to sit and listen to Democrats call conservatives and Republicans all kinds of things during the eight years of Bush, including Senators calling our troops killers and equating them will Nazis, etc. But God forbid if someone criticizes their President or their policies.

Not only did they at first support the war, then they didn't to the point of trying to get us to lose it. Well, I'm about to lose it.

Liberal groups can protest outside of Bush's ranch for months, act violently during international meetings, distrupt Senate hearings, and this is patriotism.

But when conservatives dissent, they are called all kinds of names, attacked personally, and generally marginalized.

This they way of the liberal, who is not liberal in his or her belief of democracy. They only like you if you agree with their attempt to control you.

I try to stay up with what liberals are writing and thinking, but it gets very tiring of reading personal attacks. Never address the issues. Just use name-calling. I gave that up in elementary school.

I wish they would too.

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