Friday, September 18, 2009

A Liberal for Today

I'm going to be a liberal today. I'm hoping it will help me understand the mindset of these people -- oops, or I should say "my people." At least for today.

As George Lakoff has taught us, we must frame our debate correctly. One example he uses is "Tax Relief." This is how conservatives sell this typical policy. But since we are not for a reduction in taxes, we must reframe it as "paying taxes is patriotic." It's paying your dues for living in a democratic country.

This is what we're doing by calling conservatives racist: Reframing the debate. Eventually everyone -- including conservatives -- will believe it. My sister does already. If you're Republican, you're racist. She wants be believe she's a Democrat (though voted for McCain) because of this label, which she has learned to believe. That way, you don't have to debate the issues. Sane, rational people don't debate racists.

"You've been in Texas too long," she tells me. You see, Texas is a conservative state, so we all must be racist. When I tell her we're no more racist than anyone else, she's skeptical. When I point out that Texas has lower unemployment, a budget surplus, no income tax, etc, it's not good enough because we're gun-toting, bible-thumping racists. Never mind the fact that she's never been to Texas, doesn't know any Texans.

Misdirection and marginalization are liberal tools that are starting to work. We've taken over the education system, so future generations will only know what we want them to know. Once we silence conservative dissent -- like with the Fairness Doctrine -- we'll be even closer.

Because you see, our way is the correct and humane way. Everyone will feel better, everyone will have the same resources. We're nicer and more intelligent so we know they way everyone should live.

It will happen soon.

But now, again as a conservative -- neo-Libertarian -- I'll continue to support smaller government, less taxes, and individual freedom and responsibility.


Mike's America said...

Steve: Re your comments at Mike's America, I'd be interested to read your overall thoughts on missile defense.

Drop me a line if you feel so inspired.


Pragpro said...

White's voted for McCain 54-46%. Maybe that's why sometimes people have sneaking suspicion. Also taxes aka revenue are needed when you spend on wars, medicare part d's, and tax cuts for the wealthiest 5% who yes, pay the most, but benefit the most from our military and policy and other securities for their wealth and property not enjoyed as much by the working poor. I'm glad you're putting partisanship aside and care about our common causes. Why else should people form families, neighborhoods, cities, states, nations, countries, etc.