Thursday, October 15, 2009

A letter to my Senator

I sent this letter to my senator today. We'll see what comes back.

Senator Cornyn:

I voted for you, and I support your positions -- at least the ones I know of (I get your newsletter via e-mail.)

I have two questions regarding the ongoing attempt to "reform" health care vis-a-vis military health plans and retirement. First of all, I do not support the Democratic approach. Our system needs improvement, not over haul. I googled this, and what I found -- mostly confusing -- scares the wits out of me...

1. How will any pending legislation affect my retired military health care plan? I use Tricare Prime. I don't need anything else. This plan works well for me, and I feel I earned it after 25 years of military service.

2. I am counting on Social Security to supplement my military pension, which I cannot live on. Right now, I believe, Social Security is not affected by my pension. Am I right? Make sure you don't allow this to change. I earned the pension, and I have paid into Social Security for 40 years. I expect both.

If the Dems have their way -- increased health care costs and taxes, cap and trade, higher income taxes, VAT, and on and on -- won't be much left to put food on the table.

To allow the Federal Government (or any government) to force any one to purchase something they don't want, is not only unconstitutional, but tyranny. This is what the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate want. They must be stopped. I will be encouraging people to vote the rascals out in 2010.

Steve Taylor
Denison, TX

Thank you

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