Friday, October 2, 2009

Unemployment to 9.8 (unexpectedly)

Are you surprised at the unemployment rate? The media is always surprised. The stimulus package, which is really a big government barrel of pork, is not working. And it won't. History proves that government spending does very little to stimulate the economy.

This is the problem with liberals. Over and over and over they try the same old worn out methods. And they never work. Haven't ever worked. Don't work here, didn't work elsewhere.

But on and on we have to try. And the American public (at least a majority right now) have bought the ideas -- because after a generation or more of the liberal hijacking of our education system, they know no better.

Read this. The Stimulus Doesn't Work. It might help you out.

But if you think 9.8 percent is bad, the latest statistics for unemployment of 16-24 year olds is now about 53 percent. Yea, ok. Maybe many of those aren't looking for work anyway, but the "official" rate of 18.3 percent is still very high.


You know, if government spending doesn't work, the libs in power will try more of the same. But when they pass their health take-over bill, the cap and trade, and all they other power-grabbing legislation, the economy will sink even lower.

Protect yourself now.

Go Obama.

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