Friday, March 19, 2010

Jobs bill will not mean jobs

Now that we have a jobs bill, things are looking up, right? No. This bill will do nothing.

I work for a small business (85 employees). I asked our owners yesterday if this bill will motivate them to hire new employees. Absolutely not. They called the current business climate "weird."

What they mean is that there is no certainty, no way to predict the future, or at least forecast what might happen. Without this certainty, they have taken the approach to hold costs in line, reduce debt, and do those things that will increase sales (or at least keep them steady).

But to hire more people in this climate? Not yet.

I believe most business people in this country are taking the same strategy.


Fam Guy said...

Weird is an understatement, but that's what you get after 8 years of the Bush administration policies raping the economy.

Steve said...

Mr. Fam Guy: If you think Bush "raped" the economy -- surely a symptom of BDS -- what do you call what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are doing?