Monday, March 8, 2010

The trouble with left-thinking people

If you're a liberal, or "progressive," or sitting on the left-side of the Democratic party, you tend to see solutions to problems much differently than I do, and many others who are not liberal, or "progressive."

So here's a guy on Huffington Post who thinks the answer to all of our problems is the government.

It's not rocket science to create decent and useful jobs, (although it does go beyond the current cranial capacity of the U.S. Senate). It's obvious that we desperately need to repair our infrastructure, increase our energy efficiency, generate more renewable energy, and invest in educating our young. We need millions of new workers to do all this work--right now. Our government has all the money and power (and yes, borrowing capacity) it needs to hire these workers directly or fund contractors and state governments to hire them. Either way, workers would get the jobs, and we would get safer bridges and roads, a greener environment, better schools, and a brighter future all around. So what are we waiting for?
If anyone out there thinks this is the solution to our problems, you are living on a different planet. I could answer these questions, but one reader of the HuffPost said it correctly:

Obviously you have no clue on how capitalism works. Let's look at the last stimulus bill:  for every $250,000 spend one $50,000 job was created. Not much bang for your buck there. Impose steep taxes on the rich. Well, how many time has a poor person given you a job? You say “The rest goes into investment” well duh! That is how businesses get capital to invest by selling stocks.

And NO it’s not that the “private sector job is righteous.” It is that the private sector creates wealth -- government jobs spend wealth -- this is how it works... I have an idea for a new product...I build a factory (employing people) I buy tools (employing people) I hire people to make product (employing people) etc. I have created wealth out of nothing but an idea. Name one government job that has created wealth?

Look at history. After 4 years of Wilson’s progressive tax the country was in a recession. Coolidge massively cut taxes in 6 months the recession was over. After 8 years of the “New Deal” unemployment was almost the same (kind of what you want). Kennedy and Reagan cut taxes unemployment dropped.

Any business person will tell you this first put “Health Care," “Cap and Trade” and “Card Check” on a back burner, eliminate capital gains taxes, drop corporate taxes to 12%, extend the Bush tax cut for one year. Talk to someone in business. If you tax them they and jobs will just go someplace else.
At least someone out there gets it.


ladyj said...

Well, duh! Why the hell do you think companies left the U.S. in the first place? Cheap labor, no union interference, no health insurance, and no BIG Brother looking over your shoulder. NAFTA happened, Buddy, and America heard "that giant sucking sound."
Used to be, you could start a war, which Bush Jr. did and it would stimulate the economy, as it did in both world wars. This time, we were in such dire straits with Bush's spending spree prior to 9-11
, we couldn't afford a pot to piss in. Afterall, we were paying for Cheney's boys in Iraq,too. If you tell me that's baloney, I have some swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you. Halliburton has used and abused the system like no other company and earned billions from the federal government!
If we want real change it has to start with us. American citizens need to demand an audit of every dollar that is spent by every member of Congress and TO every member of Congress. I mean, it's getting out of hand the amount of meney these old geezers are getting in retirement, as well as their spouses. And look at the ex-presidents and their spouses. I could see it when the prez wasn't earning 200,000 a year and then after retirement writing a book, going out on the lecture circut and making a million from one speaking engagement. There has to be a limit. When Truman left office, he took nothing, not even secret service! Now that is the measure of a man. We need to stop paying for illegals and their offspring. It has to end somewhere. Maybe dribs and drabs, but God Almighty, I'm tired of paying my Congress to do nothing. I'm tired of paying an illegal to live off my dime.
It all boils down to this Mr. Retired Militaryman, Washington, Banks, the Rich get the goldmine, I'm getting the shaft.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Ladyj, you'd be interested in a story in this morning's Washigton Times about Fraud, Waste and Abuse in the "Stimulus" package...and this is the same goverment that will run our health care? I think not. It's time to send all the idiots in D.C. home.

ladyj said...

I've agreed with you from the get-go about the idiots in DC and their Beltway mentality. They know nothing about what the average citizen needs, becasue they are not Mr. or Mrs. American Citizen. They're far and above the fray.