Thursday, July 15, 2010

Progressive vs. Conservative

I found this posted as a comment on a North Carolina letter-to-the-editor column:
The term "progressive" was simply inserted to get away from the old term "liberal". Progressive movements in our history have been to get more government involvement and regulation in our lives and social structure.
The term "conservative" is just as misaligned. The conservatives don't "conserve" anything because they also spend as if there was no limit to taxpayer funds.
Labels aside...what we have is a government of a party in power that will do anything to remain in power and a party out of power that will do anything to reverse the situation. Both have cleverly arranged the election process so only the A teams of both parties can play and the elections just reload the same game....repeat process.
I think this is a good way of looking at the labels we put on ourselves. Both are inaccurate. And an excellent one-paragraph summary of how our political process actually works.

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