Tuesday, September 28, 2010

California Cows?

Wonder why some states, like California, are a bugetary and legislative nightmare? Well, from the Slatest:

A state budget was due three months ago, but California lawmakers have not been idle. Amongst their legislative handiwork this year: a bill that would bar foreign cows from appearing in California milk ads as California cows, reports the Wall Street Journal. The bill's author, Ted Lieu (D) said filming parts of the ads in New Zealand was "very misleading." The milk board denies using overseas bovines in place of California ones. "The only images of cows filmed in New Zealand are foreign cows, unhappy cows from all the world, auditioning to become a California cow," said the board's vice president of advertising. California lawmakers have also busied themselves with the creation of "Motorcycle Awareness Month," a "Cuss Free Week," and a "Lobster Management Enhancement Advisory Committee." Last but not least, state senators battled over a bill that would change the state rock. At the moment, it's serpentine, but Sen. Gloria Romero (D) wants to see it replaced. "We shouldn't have a known carcinogen as the California state rock," she said. The bill is currently stuck in committee.
The orginal appeared in the WSJ.

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