Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sorry E.J. You just don't get it

From one of the most liberal writers in journalism today, E.J. Dionne, a disciple of Barack Obama, writing on Christine O'Donnell's win over Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary:
But the larger question is whether the country is ready to deliver a majority to a Republican Party that now holds problem-solvers like Castle in contempt; is scared to death of a well-financed right wing that parades under a false populist banner; and, in primary after primary, has aligned itself with Sarah Palin, who anointed O'Donnell one of her Grizzlies. 
Will moderate voters take a chance on the preposterous proposition that this Republican Party will turn around and work in a calm, bipartisan way with President Obama? Or will they use their ballots to wake up the Republicans and tell them that they need more Mike Castles, and fewer extremists?
Poor E.J. just doesn't understand. It was not only conservatives, but moderates as well, who rejected Castle. He voted against the Iraq surge in 2007, and supports Cap and Trade. He votes with the Democrats about half the time.  (He did not vote for the stimulus or ObamaCare, regardless of the misinformation out there: even Hannity has stated that he voted for ObamaCare).

According to Project Vote Smart, "Representative Michael N. 'Mike' Castle refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders."

However, according to the American Conservative Union, he has voted conservative 52 percent during his congressional career. But the bigger picture here is that, as one blogger for RedState wrote: 
Have these people learned nothing about the policy and politics of the Republican Party over the past 16 years?  What is the purpose of winning back control of both houses of congress if it will lead to the same results as last time?  In other words, we will have a slim majority that is held hostage by RINO Senators, in which we will receive the blame for wrongheaded policies that result from initiatives that are anything but Republican!  Then we will get crushed in the next election and keep repeating the vicious cycle that was 1995-2006.  We need [to] run and govern as conservatives or not run at all. 
I couldn't have said it better myself.

We are not scared of this well-financed right wing. This holds no more weight than well-financed left wing organizations. Need I mention George Soros and, as just one example? I'm sure to E.J. that these guys are "moderates."  And the populist banner of the tea parties is not false. You've been listening to Pelosi, and haven't a clue what is actually happening outside the beltway.

And E.J., I consider myself a conservative with libertarian leanings, but I am not an extremist. You need to quite calling conservatives extremists. It's just a bald-faced lie.

On another point, Obama is not interested in working with the Republican party. He has proved this many times.

The bottom line: We will not vote for more Mike Castles.


Steve Burri said...

...problem-solvers like Castle...

Funny (not haha) how 'solving' one problem creates 3 or 4 more. Talk about job security!

Steve said...

It's the law of unintended consequences.