Friday, April 17, 2009

Frank Back At It Again

We all know that Rep. Barney Frank caused a lot of our financial woes, mostly through inaction. For years he refused to act -- or prevented other committee members from acting -- when warned of the pending doom of Freddie and Fannie. (If you don't believe this, you haven't been paying attention; Google it.)

Now, Frank is back at it again. This time he wants the government to get in the business of guaranteeing municipals, which are already insured by private insurance. I guess he wants to undercut private companies -- though I don't know why.

And he assures everyone that it won't cost the taxpayer a cent, just like he told us about Freddie and Fannie.

The Wall Street Journal has the full story.

They guy has got to go. But the people of Massachusetts just don't elect good people, do they?

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