Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Huffington Criticizes Obama Administration

When left-wing Arianna Huffington starts criticizing the Obama administration's handling of the economy, you know something just ain't right.
Talking about our financial crisis with them [Obama's economic team] is like beaming back to the 2nd century and discussing astronomy with Ptolemy.

Wow! That's quite a statement coming from an ardent Obama supporter. In reading her full article, I may have to agree with her solution, as vague as it is, because it's more conservative than liberal. In brief, she wants to move government out of the solution and put it in the hands of the American people. In her own words:

The longer bank-centrism is the dominant cosmology in the Obama administration -- and the longer it takes to switch to a plan that reflects a cosmology in which the American people are the center of the universe and are deemed too-big-to-fail -- the greater the risk that the economic crisis will be more prolonged than necessary. And the greater the suffering the crisis will continue to cause.

Look, capitalism is based on letting losers fail, and someone will fill the vacuum with winners. People do get hurt. This is the brutal honesty of capitalism. In a socialistic state, the state props up entities, whether successful or not. Socialism strives for equal results, not equal opportunity. This is why socialism has not worked. Ask your average Hungarian, former East German, or Czech.

Americans have one thing going for them. When things are at their worst, we seem to be at our best.

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