Friday, April 17, 2009

If You Ain't Texan, Shut Up

Susan Estrich -- who is orginally from Massachusetts and now lives in California -- basically condemned Rick Perry, governor of Texas, in a recent op-ed.

"What makes it easy for Perry to "fire up" the crowds, as local headlines put it, is what makes it irresponsible for him, or anyone else who calls himself a leader, to do so."

Isn't this what politicians from both sides attempt to do: "fire up" crowds? What is her problem?

Is Washington spending too much money? I don't know. If the people of Texas want to give theirs back, if they really think they have more than they'll need to educate their kids and care for their sick and help their newly homeless, then all I can say is that California most certainly does not and would be happy to have any leftovers from anywhere. Gov. Perry, meet Gov. Schwarzenegger. His hand is out. But angry talk by those who are supposed to be leaders can only lead to even angrier words or deeds by those who follow them, not understanding that it was just political talk in the first place.

Give me a break. We're not going to give California money. Texas is one of the few states with a budget surplus, so we really don't need to have the feds tell us what to do. Texas has been run by conservatives for at least the last 12 years; California by liberals. We have lower unemployment, lower housing costs, a balanced budget and do not need government handouts to survive.

Tell that to California democrats, who have basically destroyed their state.

People like Susan just don't get it.

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