Friday, February 5, 2010

Controversy over Reuters Tax Story

Earlier this week, Reuters posted a story about back-door tax hikes for next year, in which the Bush tax cuts will expire, raising taxes for everyone. Reuters then pulled the story, claiming that the new federal budget proposal will extend those cuts for anyone making less than $250,000.

Some claim that Reuters pulled the story after the White House complained. But if the story was not accurate, it should have been corrected, not pulled. The story could have been re-written to highlight other tax proposals in the budget.

There are perceptions that Reuters buckled under to White House pressure, and maybe so. But since orginally Reuters said they would release a new story this week, and then said there would be no story at all, doesn't help their credibility.

Regardless, this already is an unpopular budget. In the State of the Union speech, Obama promises fiscal responsibility and to cut spending, but then within a week releases the largest spending budget, with the largest deficit, in the nation's history. He says one thing, and then does another.

But I get the sense that for Democrats, this is O.K, because it's Obama. I hope not. The same people who criticized Bush for his deficits are now applauding what Obama is doing? This is what I sense, but I surely hope it's not true.


ladyj said...

Show me the list of people who are applauding Obama for his spending. Not even the Democrats are happy, because this is an election year and they may be out on their cans sooner than you can say "Texico is Conservative."

Fam Guy said...

As if Obama had a choice. He has to throw all the $ he can, just to keep us afloat after the Bush train wreck.