Friday, February 5, 2010

We're in a pickle now, that's for sure

As we all sit back, quite confident that our side is the correct side, and blame each other for the problems we have, nothing really gets done, except maybe more of the same ol' shit.

For example, the $25 trillion we've thrown at poverty over the last 45 years has resulted in what? Still, depending on which measure you use, about 12 percent are still in poverty.

Our education system, despite our spending more per student than just about any nation, is not the best in the world, not even by a long shot.

I am pretty conviced throwing more money at these problems is not the answer.

In the meantime, no one wants to compromise on solutions that require compromise. When the Republicans are in power, the Democrats obstruct. When the Democrats are in power, the Republicans obstruct. Where does this get us?

One of the most succinct statements on this problem was posted yesterday in a comment on the HuffPo, of all places:
I find it sad that while Democratic and Republican citizens continue to blame and fight each other, the corporate and financial elite laugh all the way to the bank with ours and our children’s money, not to mention their very future. What must be realized (and very soon) is that the corporate and financial lobbyists threw huge amounts of money at the republicans (for the most part) while they were in power...and now they are throwing huge amounts of money at the democrats (for the most part) while they are in power. We think that by getting rid of the ‘bad’ politicians we will win. Throw out one politician, they buy two more. Throw out five, they buy ten. We will continue to unknowingly weaken our own efforts, until we all dismiss the ‘perceived’ enemy and recognize the real enemy. If you are only blaming and fighting Democrats or Republicans, you may want to rethink that strategy. Throw out the politicians on the take, but keep going and expose the root of our problems. -- Joseph Pijanowski
If you go to Joe's union web site, he only tells half the story, but his point above is valid. Isn't it about time for all Americans, left and right; Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Independent, to take back this country?


ladyj said...

My my, Huffington Post, maybe you should check with me, because I've been stating this BS for months! This is America's problem. We have shit for brains. We keep thinking if we put new folks in office things will change...well people it doesn't. Same shit, different day! Why? Because govt is corrupt. Start from the top and work your way down..clean house. The Masons, our founding fathers who directed this country in the beginning had it correct. They led this country in principle; honor, trust, honesty, integrity were the foundations this country were built upon. Those blocks are gone. It has nothing to do with religion...we have to keep church and state separate in government, but just simple respect and honesty among men. We can't even do that in America. My God, it can't even be done on Fox News! Talk about distortion of truth. Now there's bunch Jesus would be oh so proud of!

Fam Guy said...

SO, how do we who actually care about this country begin to take it back? I think we all agree it has been taken over by politicians and lobbyists w/their own agendas, BUT, they have the power, and aren't about to give it up.

ladyj said...

the Republicans are doing it with those Tea parties, although they have to bring a Thesaurus if the speaker has an IQ above 112. This latest one was a no brainer - Sarah Palin was the Speaker. Oh, they just love to call Liberals and Democrats nasty names, such as Marxist and Socialist. They have no idea of the meaning, but they like the sound. It's like these silly letters in blue below this box I'm writing in, they have no meaning, but Republicans love to try and pronounce them. But I digress...Intelligent, honest, honorable Americans are needed to find the most honest and honorable members of Congress and bombard these members with the truth. Tell them why American Government is failing. Tell them it is corrupt and how it can be fixed. It's time we spoke up, as we did in Boston harbor.