Friday, February 4, 2011

Need love? You won't get it from "progressives"

From the Spokane Examiner and Newsbusters:

A video has surfaced showing the love progressives have for conservatives like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and talk show host Glenn Beck.
As hundreds of left wing activists protested a meeting held by the Koch brothers last Sunday, cameras were rolling and individual activists were asked what they would do with Clarence Thomas and other conservatives.

The activists questioned responded by calling for impeachment of Thomas, sending the African-American conservative back into slavery and hanging both him and his wife.

One woman challenged Glenn Beck to a duel with her Glock pistol.

Others called for the execution of Fox News executives.

One activist called for a revolution, similar to what is happening in Egypt.

Newsbusters points out the media's glaring hypocrisy regarding the coverage of the event:
Of course if this had been a Tea Party rally, you wouldn't need to come to NewsBusters to see the video, since it would be running on a loop on every nightly news broadcast. But that said, is it fair to call the entire "progressive movement" racist because of these few loons? Of course not. Still, it does give you quite a taste of the left's ungodly hatred for black conservatives.
Not just black conservatives, but practically anyone to the right of Stalin.
Stranger still is the utter silence from MSNBC, who would use this as a battering ram against conservatives had the roles been reversed. Does Chris Matthews approve of the racist, violent comments made by these activists, considering his recent "over-the-top" attacks against Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck?

Does Chris Matthews and the rest of the liberal MSNBC lineup approve of the idea of lynching Clarence Thomas and his wife because they happen to be conservative? Why is no one from that network berating Code Pink representatives over this?

The Blaze notes that 25 protesters were arrested at the event, organized by the progressive organizations Common Cause and Code Pink.
So you "progressives" out there who think it's the right the incites to violence, you need to take a hard look at yourselves first. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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