Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stop laughing: I think Obama really means it

If it wasn't so important, I'd laugh my ass off over the things Obama says. But it is really important to the future of our country.

I'm beginning to think he actually believes his own b.s. Here's a few quotes from his press conference Tuesday (Feb 15). 

The source is the White House, so the first person to accuse me of misquoting him gets a swift kick to the curb.
When I took office, I pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. Our budget meets that pledge and puts us on a path to pay for what we spend by the middle of the decade.
Mr. Obama, the end of your first term is the end of 2012, not the middle of the decade. Your budget won't cut the deficit by half. And if you really think you'll even out spending and revenues by the end of 2015, you must be smoking crack.
And many Democrats and Republicans in Congress today came together in December to pass a tax cut that has made Americans’ paychecks a little bigger this year and will spur on additional economic growth this year.
What? My paycheck isn't bigger! It's just not smaller! You think I'm that stupid? That was not a tax cut. As one congressman so aptly said once: You lie.
We will not be adding more to the national debt. So, to use a -- sort of an analogy that families are familiar with, we're not going to be running up the credit card any more. That's important -- and that's hard to do. But it’s necessary to do. And I think that the American people understand that.
All I can say is -- huh? What the f*** are you talking about? The CBO estimates that our annual deficit will still be about $600 billion in 2020. Next year will be the third year of trillion-dollar deficits. During the next 10 years, our national debt will double. DOUBLE! He and his democrat buddies have increased the debt by $3,000,000,000,000 in just TWO years! Is he insane?

How did this guy get to be President?

I'd put in more quotes, but please excuse me while I head to the latrine and puke.


Anonymous said...

Will answer 2 of your questions. How did he get to be prez? After Bush, the REASON for the trillion dollar deficits, anyone looked like a good alternative. Now, go ahead and puke.

Steve said...

Make some sense why don't you? Geeze...

I guess I'll have reinstate my ban against druggies.

Oh wait! You must be that guy from Colo who still obsesses over Bush and still, to this day, everything is Bush's fault.

I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

By golly, you are absolutely right, sir. I'm sure the 8 years of the Bush admin had nothing to do with the mess we find ourselves in today. It was those damn Dems on them subcommittees, obviously. As for the trillions Obama is spending, I'm sure it it just for watermelon and chicken, not to keep our country from totally tanking. God bless you for opening my eyes, and thank you for your sympathy.

Steve said...

Not very constructive. Typical, though.

Anonymous said...

Everything is Bush;s fault? Not everything, just the economic mess we find ourselves in. BUT, he was a savior for those west Texas yahoos who needed the price of oil to skyrocket, so they could maintain their lifestyles, at the price of American consumers.

Jim said...

Clear this up for me Steve.
ovomit says..."And many Democrats and Republicans in Congress today came together in December to pass a tax cut that has made Americans’ paychecks a little bigger this year".

You said in a previous blog..."In my case, on my most recent 2011 payday (tomorrow), my FITW went up by 11.7 percent" then taxes were RAISED not inluding social security cut. Income taxes were RAISED!
My pension ck is now smaller not the same or bigger. So many getting by on pension cks is losing money.

Jim said...

Anonymous says..."anyone looked like a good alternative." As it is turning out anyone but ovomit since things are getting worse. McCain would have been better, Palin would have been better, so I finally can agree with this guy on something.

Steve said...

I just got my pay statement from the DoD for my military pension, and my monthly check has been reduced by $37. There has been no tax "cut."

So yes, Obama is a liar. There is no other conclusion to come to.

Jim said...

ovomit said in hi interview iwth o'riely on superbowl sunday that he has not raised taxes. He lied again.