Friday, February 25, 2011

Obama violates Constitution, once again

When I took social studies in elementary school, and then U.S. Government in college, I learned about our three branches of government: The Congress, which passes legislation (laws), the President, our chief executive who is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws, and our Judicial branch, which can declare a law unconstitutional, and therefore void.

Not any more.

Now, President Obama has the power to decide a law as unconstitutional and decide all by himself that he won't enforce it or defend it. And if a judge considers a law unconstitutional, it doesn't even matter anymore, because Obama has already said he won't listen to the courts (and more than once).

His latest edict from on high: His administration won't defend the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, because he thinks it is unconstitutional. (Because he thinks it, not the Supreme Court).

Was a Constitutional amendment just passed? Did I miss that? Is Obama consolidating power of the Congressional and Judicial branches into the Executive branch? You can bet your ass he is. But you have to dig deep to find it. It's not covered from this angle by the mainstream media. The Washington Examiner, just today, covered another story about Obama's complete disregard for the law:
During a time when DOJ travel is purportedly frozen, these numerous DOJ staffers have been deployed for days in New Orleans and around Louisiana trolling for stories of state officials failing to urge welfare recipients to register to vote.

The DOJ will use the evidence collected from welfare recipients to support a lawsuit against Jindal's administration under Section 7 of Motor Voter.

The "Motor Voter" law passed in 1993 contained an important congressional compromise. Welfare and motor vehicle agencies would serve as voter registration offices, while states would be obligated to conduct voter roll cleaning to purge ineligible felons and dead voters. The two provisions act together as counterparts.

The Obama administration has refused to enforce the voter list integrity provisions while making the welfare agency registration law their top priority.
Other areas where Obama has violated the constitution: refusal to enforce voting laws against intimidation at the polls in Chicago, efforts to use the regulatory functions of the EPA to circumvent the specific legislation of Congress to ban cap-and-trade, refusal to enforce immigration laws, and attempts by the FCC to regulate matters banned from its jurisdiction by law.

It's also very strange how most of the mainstream media doesn't really cover this aspect of it. If it was a Republican president, they'd be screaming.

Liberals are all about democracy and freedom and tolerance, aren't they? Only when it suits their agenda, though.

As I've said before: Obama has to go. Let's make sure that happens next year, huh?

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