Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Case You Missed It

Kelly Nuxoll wrote for the Huffington Post on July 15: "Barack Obama is waging a strategic effort this week to shore up his credentials." To shore up his credentials to lead in world affairs means he must have credentials in the first place, which he does not. She is quite impressed with Obama's ability to think strategically. After all, he beat Hillary in the primaries and he's written a best-selling book. She goes on:

My brother, a soldier in Iraq, was "unimpressed and even a little turned off" with the Democratic candidate's plan to leave Iraq -- it completely overlooked whether Iraqi security forces would be ready, how long it takes to redeploy not just combat brigades but assets, and the process for establishing a stable political environment in Baghdad.

Details!...are where the devil is.

She claims tactics don't matter. "Obama won't get bogged down in the hows, but continue to soar high in the whats and whys."

Kind of why liberal policies are always such a failure. By the way, Nuxoll is a free-lance writer and lives in San Francisco.

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