Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Iraqi Uraniam Transferred to Canada

Iraq had 550 tons of yellowcake, a form of processe uranium used for not only nuclear fuel, but nuclear weapons.

This was reported July 7 by some media outlets. But forget big headlines. This type of news doesn't fit in with the mainstream media's agenda.

To get the full story, here are some in-depth articles and commentaries on the subject:

Iraqi uranium transferred to Canada
Saddam's Nukes
Iraq's nuclear 'yellowcake' moved to Canada

Now that we know for sure that Saddam had nuclear and chemical materials, will the American left change their tune? Don't count on it.

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Anonymous said...

I think that alot of the problem with this story has been President Bush himself. There have been several incidents since the invasion of Iraq that if released to the public and openly talked about, would go a long way to showing how in-depth the Iraqi weapons programs were. Instead, President Bush wants to be buddies with Moscow and such, and won't ever push these facts.

Like McCains campaign, sometimes its hard being on the side that acts like they never want to win.