Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Queen Pelosi to Use Gavel to Save the World While She Destroys U.S.

Rep. (D-CA) Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has told Politico that she’s standing in the way on a drilling vote because she’s determined to use the speaker’s gavel to “save the planet.”

What gives her the right to ignore the will of the people to further her own personal agenda? The House of Representatives is the peoples house, as designed by the founders and specified in the Constitution.

She does not have this right while the average American suffers under higher energy prices, and rising prices in general caused by higher energy prices. Because of her actions, hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their jobs, and other low-income families can barely make it.

She promised a new kind of leadership in the House. But we never knew this would lead to her coronation as Queen of the House, instead of Speaker. This is the worst Congress the U.S. has ever seen.

She needs to step down immediately.


Anonymous said...

What gives her the right to ignore the will of the people to further her own personal agenda?

Vast numbers of liberal minions voted for her and her ilk to give them control of congress. That's what gives her the "right". She defines the will of the people because they voted for her. It's called 'Democracy'.

Steve said...

You're kidding right, fritzkatz? To deny a debate and vote on an important issue is democracy? I see you put democracy in quotes in your comment. So you must think that this really isn't democracy, but you want to call it democracy.

If the U.S Congress can't vote on an issue, let alone debate the issue, because of ONE representative from a small district in California, when 75 percent of the American votes favor that issue, you call this democracy.

More liberal claptrap. When Republicans are obstructionist, the cry is loud throughout the land. When democrats are obstructionist, they have the right and it's democracy. Geez. We're in trouble.