Friday, July 4, 2008

Robert Sheer: Not Fit To Print

For the first time, I came across Robert Sheer (who calls himself the editor-in-chief for on the web, while I was just surfing around on this fine 4th of July. The editorial also appeared on Yahoo. I was actually going to take the day off, but I feel the need to point out Sheer and writings, steeped in fantasy from a trip to the Kool-Aid dispenser. He doesn't live in the same world I do, that's for sure.

His readers/commenters are just as insane. Of course, there are still those out there who hate Bush so much, they can't get past the hate. Like another idiot, Stephen Goldstein, who wrote an editorial for this 4th of July for the South Florida Sun-Sentinal.

But let's get back to Sheer. The 4th of July is about "patriotic bluster and beer swilling" so you know where we're going from here. But before we get too drunk, "might we also for once consider our imperfections?"

Just once? Please, don't tease me. So-called "thinkers" like yourself have been doing it since Jefferson wrote the Declaration 232 years ago, so maybe there could be one day in the year were we didn't have to consider our imperfections?

He points out George Washington's warning about imperialistic ambitions, but guess what? While we greatly honor our first president, let's not forget that during his term, we were paying ransom to the Barabary pirates in north Africa (devote Muslims who believed it their duty to kill or enslave infidels). When Jefferson took office he said no more, we went to war. So even our first president wasn't perfect (and he didn't have much of a Navy yet, so his hands were kind of tied).

But let's not let facts get in the way.

We are drowning in the impostures of pretended patriotism, used to cover the lies that got us into Iraq, the defense of torture and the violation of our basic liberties. In the name of patriotism, we presume a God-given American right to reorder the world to our liking, masking the vice of unfettered greed as an obligation of national security.

I'm going to puke. When will these liberal idiots get a new talking point?

He thinks we have an "innate moral superiority" without realizing what that means. We're born with it? Get a friggin dictionary, for God's sake. And it's not true anyway, if you take the time to talk to average Americans, but then elitist liberals won't, can't, or are afraid to.

Then he goes on to blame Bush and Big Oil for the energy mess we're in today. I'm getting so sick of hearing that lie. They think -- as Lenin prophesized -- that if they say it enough, it will become true.

And of course he and his cronies think that now, because the Iraqi government has asked oil companies -- not just American -- to bid on contracts, that the war MUST have been about oil all along. Take off your U.S. Flag Pins and replace them with Exxon or Chevron. That's what I want to hear on the 4th of July, a celebration of our independence.

Geeze, get a brain.

I'm not usually so harsh on liberals, but today of all days, won't they just shut up, just for one day -- I'm not advocating taking anyone's rights way -- but I have a right to enjoy the day with friends and family without having to listen or read their insane tripe. Oh, I supposed I didn't have to read it, but you get my point. Why is patriotism such a bad word for the left. I comment on this in another post, Redefining Patriotism.

God Bless America, the Greatest Nation on God's Green Earth!

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