Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biden: Puts foot in mouth again

If "fear tactics," as the Democrats accuse the Republicans of using in the last election, didn't work, does Joe Biden think they'll work now for his party? Is he really this stupid?

Last night he made the accusation that the Rebuplicans may sue the Federal government to do away with Social Security, like some state attorneys general are currently doing over some provisions of Obamacare.

Really, Joe? I've not heard that once, not even a hint of it from either party or any candidate. I challenge anyone to find a source for that idea.

Besides, Social Security, which is actually a tax (the government takes in money and then doles it out) is different than the provision of the health care bill, in which the federal government will mandate that individuals purchase a product (with the government's approval) in the private sector.

Joe, Joe, Joe. How did you get to be vice president?

You gotta wonder.

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