Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams is an 'Oreo'

The "FamGuyToday," a resident of the Denver area, who spouts the most idiotic political "theories," today called Juan Willams an "Oreo." I guess if you have a darker complexion than this rich "cracker," and have a view that disagrees with the left-wing worldview, you aren't really "Black."

Here's his post, verbatim. You judge for yourself. And then I invite you to read many of his very bigoted, offensive, and ignorant posts that he's done in the past view years (since 2006).  He seems to have a readership of one, someone who calls her/himself "ladyj." I only comment because he's been commenting here for a while, so I have to pay attention.
Never liked Juan Williams, who (or whom?) I consider to be a rightwing, 'Oreo', jerk, whenever I come across him, commenting on TV, BUT I don't think he deserved to be fired, from NPR, for the comments he made about Muslims, while being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly. He merely said he got nervous when he was flying on an airplane when there were fully attired, obvious Muslims, who overtly showed they wanted to be identified as Muslim. I know the feeling and I think most of the flying public agrees. After 911, there was the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, plus other nonsuccessful attempts. Something wrong when Rush can call the prez a jackass, idiot and ignoramous, but someone can't say they are afraid of getting blown up on an airplane.
Of course, his writing is so well thought-out and intelligent, his logic beyond reproach, if you want to think like a 5th grader. (Oh, I give him too much credit, thinking of Jeff Foxworthy's program). I think you'll find his other posts enlightening as to the thinking of people who consider themselves a little bit -- or a whole lot more -- better than the rest of us.

I believe this guy, who hates Texans and anyone in the oil business (he's OK with paying the Saudi's his money instead of us Americans), was or is in the insurance adjuster business. He goes to natural disasters where insurance companies are famous for ripping off people who have lost everything.

No wonder this country is in trouble.


LOL said...

As an ins adjuster who has paid out many millions of dollars to disaster victims, and does everything I can to get them immediate payment, and someone who doesn't appreciate the 'oops,bad info' war, to raise oil prices, I could debate 'the view from redneckville' but with a 5th grade intellect it would be like bringing a gun to knife fight. Steve's obvious ignorance screams out, as I defend Juan Williams, much louder than I could ever yell.

Fam Guy said...

OH NO! You're gonna loose your entire readership against me? That would be me, and I'm not afraid of me. I do enjoy your posts, sorta of like the daily comics in the newspaper. They bring me a good chuckle.

ladyj said...

Yes, I am female..would you like verification; call my ex-husband in Harker Heights TX. (retired NSA Warrent Officer). I know the military mind, Steve. I lived it. I also lived in Texas, so I have 2 strikes against me. You're just the typical Archie Bunker of Texas, can't see the forest through the trees. God love ya', somebody has to.

Concerned Citizen said...

Thanks for the recommendation on FamGuy. His blog is a breath of fresh air after your constant drivel of, 'Ugg, Democrats bad, Republicans good, ugg.'

Steve said...

So calling someone an "Oreo, rightwing jerk", is defending them? Wow. Please don't ever defend me. If you'd actually listened to Juan debate, you'd know how incorrect that statement is.

And calling me an "Archie Bunker" and ignorant does nothing. You just show how typically liberal you are. Neither of you want to debate or argue, but just attack the person.

Won't work here.

BTW, I'm not even Texan, though I live in Texas and work in Texas. I also have lived in Ohio, Louisana, South Dakota, Michigan, Tennesse, Germany, Italy, and Thailand, but I'm not German, Italian, etc...but by your qualifications, FamGuy is a Texan because he's worked here on numerous occasions and ladyj is a Texan because she lived in Texas. And no, you do not know the military mind. So I guess we're all Texans.

People who stereotype tend to be bigots, so look in the mirror before you call me Archie Bunker.

ladyj said...

You've been the one in attack mode Steve, on this Blog and Family Guy. You called me biased, a Bigot, and an elitist, which I take exception. I've lived in Maryland, Virginia, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Germany, Kansas, and Oklahoma, where I was born. I call myself an American. I'm neither Liberal nor Conservative, neither Democrat or Republican. I vote for the person I feel is right for the job. I've not been brainwashed by the establishment as many have. I'm an independent thinker. And I have values, unlike FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh and you.

Jim said...

I have family in Tennessee and Florida and been to both a few times. I've lived in Mich, Okla, Calif and been to Hawaii so wondering if we ever met Ladyj. hehe. Also lived in Illinois which I didn't see mentioned.

Yo Steve she calls me Archie Bunker too. We can't both be him and he is dead so me thinks she is confused.