Friday, October 15, 2010

Parting comments for the weekend crowd

Can Obama get away with outright lies? Read this story in the Washington Post, and you decide. I alreay know that Obama and the Dems are outright liars.

Harry Reid put his foot in his mouth big time during his debate Thursday. He claimed that we had a $7 trillion surplus during the Clinton years. Not hard to check those facts as a big fat lie. And he seemed to take credit for the success of the Iraq surge. You know...Harry "the war is lost" Reid. I guess Angle won that debate, and she raised $250,000 overnight. I'm no real big fan of hers, but any idiot would be better than Reid.

And for those of you who continually whine about high oil and gasoline prices, study the chart below. Then quit whining, will you?


Anonymous said...

Oil went from under $17 BBL to over $147 after W's 'oops, bad info' war. I can see how you Texans love him, since your economy depends on raping the rest of the country.

Steve said...

Clueless. Just friggen clueless. Oh well, I guess you have a right to your opinion, even if it's worthless.

Steve said...

Oh, btw, 17 bucks a barrel won't get it out of the ground. But you have no idea what it takes to explore, drill and produce what you use to drive, heat your house, and generally live the life you do.

I challenge you to one time make a statement without the "W's opps bad info' war" bullshit.