Friday, October 29, 2010

Promises by Nancy Pelosi didn't work out so well

Remember back when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House? She promised no more deficit spending. Since then, the Democratic-controlled Congress has added $5 trillion to the deficit.

Remember when the Health Reform bill was passed, and she stated it would create 400,000 jobs "almost immediately." So how did that work out?

But you know, we Americans get the government we deserve. Most people don't care or don't pay attention or don't know how our system of government works, because our schools are failures after 40 years of government and union meddling, and I have to put parental apathy in that category too. Many parents expect the school system to be nannies or babysitters.

When our founding fathers made the provision that only land owners could vote, they must have had something in mind.

Now don't even go there. I'm not against women voting, but I can hear those wheels turning out there. My point is that land owners in those days were more educated and were more involved. That's all.

When more people -- especially young people -- can name the latest American Idol than the Vice President, you know we are in trouble.


Jim said...

Pelosi is one woman who shouldn't have the right to a congress person that is.

From Politico June 2007...Reid has already publicly set a firm timetable to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by next spring.

Pelosi is planning to announce that the House will also vote on a bill setting a new withdrawal timetable of April 1, 2008...

Both Pelosi and Reid have come to the conclusion that President Bush's plan for a "surge" in the number of U.S. troops inside Iraq, has failed... Gen. David Petraeus is supposed to report back to Congress in September on the state of the "surge," but Democrats have decided not to wait for his report.

The demoRATS don't want to wait for the report from Petraeus who did a great job in Iraq because of the surge that DIDN"T fail and who is now in charge of Afganistan.

The demoRATS who don't want to read bills just pass them so we can find out what is in them.

Here is a quote from July 2007 of pelosi, “After four and a half years of a failed policy in Iraq, we must not just voice our opposition, we must vote to end the war.”

Stupid either win a war or you lose a war you don't end a war.

Now for your time as house speaker to end!!!

ladyj said...

What then would you call Viet Nam, Jim? A F**K-up? It was a war and nobody won.

Steve said...

I believe the North Vietnamese won that war, since they obtained their objectives.

The people of South Vietnam and the United States lost, since our objective of keeping South Vietnam a democracy failed.

ladyj said...

and the same will happen with Iraq and Afghanistan, as it did with Viet Nam and Korea, although Korea was called what a conflict? Whatever it's called, people die! Win or lose. The only ones who are stupid are the ones who start a war under false pretenses, then lie, lie , lie!