Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More stupid liberal responses to Ryan's budget plan

At FireDogLake (and what else would you expect), someone who calls him/her/itself BlueTexan has a plan to balance the budget.

Withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq.
Cut all defense spending by 50%.
Restore all tax rates to 1981 levels — across the board.
Double the Estate Tax.
Pass a millionaire’s tax.
Eliminate the mortgage interest deduction > $500,000.
Eliminate mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes.
Eliminate corporate tax loopholes.
Eliminate tax breaks for Big Oil.
Eliminate Big Farm subsidies.
Pass a carbon tax.
Pass a bank tax.
Problem solved
What's even more amazing are the number of people who see this as a viable answer.
You didn’t solve health care spending — neither did Ryan, and he just put debt on people’s backs rather than the government — so just throw in some single-payer scheme, or British NHS system and we’re good.
He (Ryan) put debt on people's back rather than the government? And just who pays for this debt? What a friggen' idiot.

I could put more stupid left-wing comments here, but let's just let it be that one. But the majority of the moonbats at FireDogLake wanted more taxes! Higher taxes on gas! More taxes on the banks! Taxes on overseas investments! Taxes on unearned income!  Higher Social Security and Medicare taxes! And make sure those evil "rich" pay their fair share.

I'll bet none of these loons pay taxes.
But higher taxes for those who produce, work and earn in this country are the answer to our prosperity, dont' you know, so that the other half can live off the government teat? Come on. Where's your empathy?

Gag me.

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