Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some see Texas wildfires as a joke, because it's Texas

(Update: Apri 21, 2011 at 2:41 PM CDT. A second firefighter has died today in Texas fighting these fires, and the number of homes or buildings lost nears 400.)

Some people hate Texas and Texans, for some idiotic reason I've never been able to understand. But I guess some people just have to find something or someone to hate, and since it isn't politically correct to hate another race or ethnic group, I guess Texas makes for a large target. But anyway you try to rationalize this, it's simple bigotry.

Well, bring it on. Though not a Texan (I'm from Michigan), I've lived in Texas for several years and can find no fault worthy of mentioning at this time of trouble.

But for some, like (I'll do a favor and keep him anonymous) from Colorado, the editor of his shallow but illustrative blog, FamGuyToday, who has repeatedly shown his disdain for anything Texas or Texan, thinks the historically destructive wildfires in Texas is a great opportunity to make fun.

Since Colorado also has problems with fires from time to time, you'd think he'd understand.

This is how I responded to his posting:

The only two things you can come up with is a joke and something about preachers (not main stream preachers, but the fanatics, which aren't all in Texas)?

In the meantime, a firefighter (volunteer) has died, another injured, 160 homes up in flames, more than 1 million acres burned (more than Rhode Island), not to mention livestock and wildlife burned alive.

In times of trouble, it is normal for Americans to come together and put aside our petty political differences to help each other.

But there are those who can't see past their bigoted hate.
As my dad  used to say, it takes all kinds...

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Fam Guy said...

My dislike for Texas/Texans didn't happen without reason. I was thrown in jail for the unforgivable crime of having long hair in Texas in the early 70's and was 'set-up' by a red-neck deputy who planted marijuana in my car. Only by fleeing the state did I avoid jail. Most Texans that I've seen are over-weight, under-educated and have an undeserved superiority complex. They stand out in the lift lines, in Colorado, with their garish outits, loud voices and total inability to ski. My opinion was totally validated by 2 Pulitzer prize winning authors in 'Texasville' and 'Friday Night Lights' as they explained the Texan mentality that gave us GWBush, the worst thing to ever happen to my beloved country. I HAVE met several Texans that I really like, but, as a group, they are a bunch of egotistical, undereducated, right-wing rednecks. This is my opinion, after living in your wonderful state 4 different times, for several months each time. My opinions are well-earned and based on personal experience.