Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm reading today

We’re There to Help
And they’re there to kill us.

The liberal's plan: Cut defense and tax, tax, tax
Reader's comments to this oped are interesting. I'll repeat a few here:

At some point Americans will need to face the reality that the purpose of the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party is to create a dependent citizenry. Under the guise of helping the less fortunate, they will create an ever growing class dependent on government largesse, and this, they hope will be a voting class to keep them in office. Americans MUST stop thinking of government handouts as"entitlements". They are chains, if you really don't NEED "free lunch" for your kid don't take it. 42%of Americans receive "food stamps"? What percentage of that whole doesn't really need them but takes them because they are "entitled" to them? It is a mindset that needs changing. Based on our income my children were "entitled" to a free lunch in public school. Since I was capable of making their lunches myself I refused the offer.

I think it's great that the Leftists have finally been smoked out of their hole and we can see exactly what they REALLY stand for. Their budget is nothing less that full europeanization of the US; a headlong leap into the failed policies of 1970s era socialism. Funny how the so-called intellectuals on the Left haven't absorbed the fact that europe is moving away from the very models the Left is proposing for the US.  And oh yeah...can there be any doubt how utterly tone deaf these neo-marxists are? Naming it The People's Budget? Really? The slogan reeks of communism and is bound to turn off everyone to the Right of Dennis Kucinich.

Mr. York's assumption is wrong. President Obama can claim he's playing the independent card by rejecting both budgets and pushing for something in the middle. When doing so, he will claim the GOP's budget is radical and extreme all while claim he is taking the middle road. He will do this because he has no fear of losing his base as York suggests. The fact is those commie drones will vote for him regardless because they do not know how to vote for anyone other than a Democrat. Maybe if the entitlement class actually got some education from all the government programs they participate in they could cast an intelligent vote but the reality is most of the entitlement class has been indoctrinated into thinking all republicans long for the days of slavery and make their money by stealing from the poor.

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