Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's not to like about Ryan's tax proposals?

A very fine analysis:

Ryan's Sweeping Tax Reform and the Left's Inane Response

My response to the above article:

The left-liberal-progressive position on taxes is not about government revenue or economic growth, and when they say it, don't believe it. It's all about the ideology of wealth redistribution, of spreading the wealth around. They do not care about anything else. It's class warfare, right out of Marx and Lenin. They don't feel good about a person becoming rich and being able to keep the fruits of their labor when someone else might be poor and in need of help. It's all about what they think is fair. But only for the poor person, who probably is poor by personal choice or design. Those truly in need have always gotten help, but now -- thanks to progressive programs -- we have a huge number of people who have become dependent on the government. Anyway, I ramble a bit...

The bottom line here is a battle between capitalism and socialism. Those of us who still retain the ability to form our own opinions based on reality know that capitalism, for all its faults, works so much better than socialism, which has failed everytime it's been tried.

But that doesn't matter if you're "progressive," because it might not be "fair." Like the child who stomps his or her feet and yells "But that's not fair!"

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