Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why we should go with a fair tax

From a reader's post at American Thinker, in response to the article posted earlier.  I couldn't have said it any better:

The importance of the state of the economy is always ignored by the Left, and often by the Right. When things are booming, the money-hungry Congress get more of our money to waste, even at lower tax rates. Therefore, it makes more sense to boost the economy than to raise taxes. When things are booming, people are happy to pay reasonable taxes. When things are bust, they complain about every penny.

The tax code is just plain stupid and counter to what we as Americans stand for. All Americans are equal, so all Americans should pay precisely the same tax rate. I don't care if you're a 90 year old granny on a pension or Jeffery Immelt, or General Motors, your tax rate should be equal. Federal income taxes should have exactly zero exemptions, loopholes, and dodges.

When you go down the exemption road, it makes Americans unequal. When you overly burden business and the rich, they hide their money. When you excuse poor Americans from paying tax, it takes them out of the system, saps their ambition, and makes them part of an under class.

We must never, ever tolerate government defined classes. It's against everything America stands for. 10% tax is enough if everyone pays. It would make the economy so vibrant that there would be plenty of money left over to help the poor.


Seeker said...
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Seeker said...

Fairtax sounds great, in fact, it sounds fantastic. At one point, Mike Huckabee called it "a magic wand" because it has such great promises.

I was fooled myself, and I'm usually a cynic about tax plans with huge promises.

But now, Fairtax leaders have admitted to a massive "second tier" of taxation that was never mentioned in their speeches and videos, not once. It's only mentioned in two sentences in their books, in the back of the books.

Never mind the validity of Fairtax - who on earth has a trillion dollar second tier, that they keep hidden?

This is especially ironic, because Fairtax claimed they were "transparennt".

But comoments by Boortz, Phd Kendall, and others have pulled back the curtain on the fine print, and what it means.

They also now admit that this second tier of taxation -- a trillion dollars -- is only refered to in ONE WORD in their legislation. ONE WORD - that they put into their fine print, is how they claim now to be able to collect this trillion dollar second tier.

Ross Calloway, a spokesmen for Fairtax, is apparently proud that he could supply the fine print, with the single word in a subparagraph, that is the basis of thise second tier, trilllion dollar part of Fairtax.

Furthermore, this second tier of taxation is a physical and economic absurdity -- which is why they hid it, in the first place.

In short - Fairtax sounds great and has fooled good people, but is an astonishing and brazen slight of hand, more of a political hoax, because they don't intend to pass their own plan - they know it's got huge deceptions. They always have 50 excuses for getting a hearinng under oath.

When you realize the slight of hand, the second tier, you will understand why they would NEVER allow or go to a hearing under oath about their own plan.

We need a new tax code, we do not need a needless farce, with gross and absurd deceptions in their fine print.

Lets see if you got the stuff to think for yourself.

Steve said...

Here, I am talking about a fair tax, not the FairTax you're talking about.

So don't accuse me of not thinking for myself. I guess you really didn't read the post thoroughly.

Why is it that posters can't just come to argue the facts, but always have to sling personal attacks as well. I'm getting pretty tired of this shit.