Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Contrary to popular belief, there are some people who label themselves as conservatives, libertarians, Republicans -- you know, those knuckle-dragging ignoramuses who clutch to their bibles and guns, spew toxic waste, are racists and pretty much your trailer trash citizen -- who actually prefer a cleaner environment.

Happy Earth Day to all you crazy liberals and tree huggers.

I think there should be a custom in Texas that if you see someone throw trash out of their car, you get to shoot them. But hey, that's just me. Or how about those old cars spewing black or white or grey smoke from their tailpipes. Can I run them off the road? Probably not, huh? Hey, it's my air too, ashhole.

This year we planted 10 new trees on our property, a new record for a single year. This makes about 40 new trees over the last decade, if memory serves. Twelve of these will be huge Cedar Elms, which can grow to 50 feet. And we got some maples, crepe myrtles, Mexican plums, sweet gums, mimosa's, among what has grown natually.

Over the last 3 years, we've spent about $20,000 on energy upgrades to the house -- hi-grade foil on the roof (we don't have an attic), new shingles and siding, new windows. In our harsh climate, this may save about 5-10 percent of our costs, which won't pay off until after I'm dead and gone. But the 40-year-old house is a little more comfortable, which was our primary motivator.

I drive a Buick, one of those big old Detroit models. GPA: 34 highway, 24 city. Not too bad. I traded my Cadillac (26 Highway, 18 city) for the Buick when the Cadillac started showing signs of decay.

Before I came along, it was common practice to use the woods as  a dumping ground -- hey, where else are you going to put the old shingles from the chicken coop or the old tractor oil -- but I put a stop to that right away and eventually I'll get it cleaned up.

I'm still trying to get my wife to lower the gas water heater temp by 5 degrees, but she just loves a very hot bath, and we are heating well water, which tends to be very cold from 85 feet underground.

When I first moved to Texas 17 years ago, I did noticed the lack of litter on the highways. The state was running a "Don't Mess with Texas" campaign, which seemed to work. Wish they'd do it again. I guess they are too many people coming in from around the country to make it work. I don't know why people got lazy again. Someone told me the prisoners from the county jail will take care of it.

I generally support environmental causes, if they are reasonable and don't hurt people. In my book, people come first, not some little 1-inch California fish. Screw the farmers and their families, right? Got to protect that little fish. But since we all are human, some of us will go to extremes.

Ever really studied what the environment was like in London in 1600? It might make you think hard about "how bad we have it today."

Every day should be earth day. Let's just not go off the deep end about it, and I don't want or need the government looking over my shoulder. And if someone tells me I've got to reduce my "carbon footprint" one more time, the footprint you see on your behind won't be carbon.


Fam Guy said...

Not sure what you're saying, as it looks like you go both ways. Bottom line, we gotta take care of this planet for our grandchildren, BUT we don't wanna go crazy, to hurt the economy now. Tough line to follow, but worth the effort, right?

SanDance said...

I totally agree with you, Steve. I think it is no mistake that Conservative and Conservationist have the same root. I come from a very conservative family from the most conservative metropolitan area (Cincinnati). Recycling, composting, reducing energy use, etc.. has always been part of my family's practice long before it become fashionable. It is good for the environment and the pocketbook, while making us less dependent on the government.