Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Golf is all the rage

Remember the rage over Pres. Bush playing golf? If you can remember, let this remind you.

If that ain't a case of BDS, I don't know...

There wasn't a liberal out there that wasn't on the front line condeming Bush for playing golf. In 8 years, he played 24 times.

So where is the outrage now? In just over a year, Obama has been on the links 32 times.

Oh that's right! If you're a liberal or a democrat, you can do whatever the fuck you want, because the ends justifies the means. If you're conservative or Repulican, watch out. Nothing you do will be right.

This is called a double standard, and is one of the problems with political discourse today. You can't have honest debate if one or either of the sides is dripping deeply of hypocracy.

Just another example of the bull shit out there.

(I'm now waiting for the Bush-haters to come comment. You can then get a glimpse into liberal insanity)


Fam Guy said...

Don't know what I can add to Keith's well spoken, spot on observations. Thanks for sharing it with those of us who missed it. Exactly what part of it was wrong, in your not so humble opinion?

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase, It's the War Stupid, not the golf. His pitiful attempt to equate giving up golf, as a salve for unleashing shock and awe on a civilian population whose main sin was living under a dictator set up by the US. If you can't see that, you are incredibally stupid. Even for a Texan.

Steve said...

I should delete you both, since you have nothing to contribute.

Bush had to quit golf because of loons like you who screamed and yeller about his occasional golf game.

This is not a debate about the war. This is about leftist hypocracy, which of course you can't see.

We still have troops in harms way -- who are still being killed and injured on a daily basis -- and yet where is the outrage when our current President plays 10 times the amount of golf that Bush did. Oh, but it's ok, isn't it? It isn't Bush.

But bring on the name calling dear anonymous, who doesn't even have the courage to type in his/her name. At least Fam Guy has the guts to stand up. And Fam Guy, I hate Olberman probably as much as you hate Rush.

And what a fine way to close a commentary about your political oppenent, as Olberman like to do: "Just shut the hell up."

Which is what you all want anyway, but it ain't going to happen.

Fam Guy said...

Just read the comments, and listened to Keith again, and gotta admit, anonymous is right. Keith's rant is ALL about the war, and W's hypocrisy of giving up golf (even though he didn't) to soothe the soldier's families, after starting a war, based on lies.

Steve said...

Are you going to get to the point of commenting on Obama's golf outings, or are we going to stay stuck on Bush lied, etc?

Do you think they're right? Or wrong? Do you think it was right to play golf instead of attending a world leader's funeral.

Or is it still Bush's fault?

Personally, I don't care if Obama plays golf, nor did I care about Bush's golf outings.

What I care about is media bias the the hypocracy of our goverment leaders, both past and present.

But hey, what do I know. I live in Texas. Originally from Michigan, though, so I guess that really makes me stupid.

Fam Guy said...

I was never one to complain about W's golf outings, and actually don't recall any mention of it, 'til he brought it up, that he was quitting (then didn't). There were plenty of other things to criticize. I do remember he spent more vacation time, usually Crawford, than any prez in history. As far as Obama playing 32 times, that's approx once every 2 weeks, much less when you consider multiple times during golf vacations. I have no problem with someone in such a high stress job relaxing in a beautiful outdoor setting. It's good for the mind/soul. And one other thing, he missed the Polish funeral becasue of volcanic ash, NOT cuz he just wanted to golf. And another thing, you gotta realize, it's ALWAYS gonna be about the war, based on lies. Everything else is secondary, except maybe the economic crash. Will be interesting to see what his main legacy will be.

Steve said...

We have found a common point: It's ok for a President to play golf.

Steve said...

BTW, his legacy will be the debt he leaves behind. While Bush's $3 trillion over 8 years was an outrage, Obama will have done that in 2 year. If he's in office for 8 years, that means at the current pace, he'll have added $12 trillion to the debt. This is unsustainable. If you think Bush raped the economy, Obama will be its executioner.

Fam Guy said...

The big difference, W's debt was discretionary, like his war. Obama is merely trying to clean up. That said, I think there's been WAY too many bailouts. That's not the way capitalism is s'posed to work.