Friday, April 16, 2010

Is government too powerful, out of control?

The Huge, Hidden Tax You Pay for Government
The Code of Federal Regulations is now over 157,000 pages long. Last year alone, 3,503 new rules went into effect -- that's a new regulation every 2 1/2 hours, day and night, seven days a week. Federal rules cover everything from pork rind imports to farm animal weighing procedures to what colors are allowed for surgical stitches.

There Oughta Be a Law
This article is in full compliance with all applicable state, federal, and municipal regulations.

DOE's Search and Seizure
The feds are coming to inspect your home if you want to sell it, according to regulations buried in cap-and-trade legislation and standards decreed by the Secretary of Energy. But there are numerous legal difficulties inherent in DOE "inspections."

Pelosi sends chill
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offered a most disturbing promise to PBS’s Jim Lehrer on Wednesday, proudly announcing that the methods employed and nearly employed to force ObamaCare on the American people (formerly the most free people on the planet) would, from this day forward, serve as her “model for future reforms.”

Congress aims to ban chewing tobacco from majors
Chew on this: Congress is putting pressure on baseball to ban major leaguers from using smokeless tobacco during games. Smoking tobacco while in uniform and in public view is already banned, and don't get Tigers manager Jim Leyland going on that one.

Obama’s new tax on…Rainwater!?
Would President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency really force Americans to pay a tax on “rainwater runoff” from homes and small businesses?

Jay Ambrose: Democrats continue campaign against individual liberty
It's an absurdity that the federal government has the right to make Americans buy health insurance, but what's worse is the ha, ha, ha of the left that free people making their own decisions about the way they live is selfishness or shibboleth
Obama will now have his private army
Of course, SEC. 430, Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps. lists in detail the commissioned Regular Corps and Ready Reserve Corps that will be trained up, fired up, lined up and controlled by Obama himself. Naturally the purpose for this army is to stand by in case they are needed at short notice for a national health emergency or emergency response missions.

Big Government Crushes Christians
Massive spending means massive government - a system that reaches into virtually every corner of our lives. From house loans to student loans to light bulbs to toilets and even to the cars we buy and drive, we feel the government's direct hand. Corporate executives worry about "pay czars," doctors worry about government-set prices for their services, and we all wonder if the Internal Revenue Service will be monitoring our health insurance choices.

When George W. Bush was president, the ACLU and its liberal allies were driven nearly berserk by the possibility that the FBI might know what library books Americans had borrowed. Under the terms of the health care legislation that President Obama signed into law [on March 24], the IRS will have access to all of our most intimate medical records -- and not one peep from the ACLU or anyone else on the Democratic side of the aisle in either the House or the Senate.

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