Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The sad story of Initiative 960

It's a simple story actually, but one you wouldn't think you'd hear coming from these United States of America...until recently. Like the Democratic Congress passing a bill it didn't understand and the majority of voters -- however small -- didn't want, the democrats in the state legislature in Washington state recently thumbed their noses at voters.

Voters in Washington state passed I-960, as it's known, about two years ago to ensure that the state goverment couldn't raise taxes on them without a 2/3 majority in both houses, or by a referendum by the voters.

But times got tough. The state government overspent, and now they face a $2.35 billion budget deficit. So the Democrat-controlled Legislature repeals I-960 (which is allowed via a provision that this can be done after 2 years, and is more complicated than I can put down here).

In order to balance their budget, along with some $700 million in budget cuts, the Democrat-controlled Legislature is going to raise taxes on the fine people of Washington state by $780 million (that's $487.50 for each of Oregon's 1.6 million workers). The rest they think they'll get by begging at the federal trough.

So basically the State Legislature says to voters: "Fuck you. Pay up. Just because we can't effectively manage your money, you get to pay anyway." Nice, isn't it?

If anyone thinks the "liberal, progressive" democratic party is all about the power of the people, you're an idiot. The Republicans have become bad enough. But the dems are worse, much worse.

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